2011 Award: Community Kippel and Community Wiler

Mayor of Kippel

The municipality of Kippel is one of four municipalities in the Lötschental. It is worth paying a visit to the old part of the village with its ornamental timber facades and St. Martin’s Church, which dates back to the 16th century. As the unofficial cultural capital of the Lötschental, Kippel is especially popular with all cultural enthusiasts.

Kippel and Lötschental also attach great importance to youth and sport. For example, a football club set up some years ago is successfully taking part in the BDM (Bergdorfmeisterschaft or mountain village championship). The members come from all four municipalities in the Lötschental.

The generous donation from the Sepp Blatter Foundation is making a significant contribution towards rebuilding the sporting infrastructure destroyed by storms in 2011 and therefore towards safeguarding the future of the sport in the region. Many thanks.

Bernhard Rieder
Mayor of Kippel

Mayor of Wiler

On 10 October 2011, hundreds of thousands of cubic metres of debris destroyed sections of the infrastructure in our community. It all happened within a matter of just a few hours and with incredible intensity. There were thankfully no human casualties. In addition to streets, water lines, power lines and sewage pipes, our sports ground was also affected.

It was immediately clear to us that our football pitch had to be made playable once again. Thanks amongst other things to the generous donation from the Sepp Blatter Foundation, this undertaking was financed and implemented within a very short period of time.

Many thanks to the Sepp Blatter Foundation for its uncomplicated and swift aid in support of the youth of Wiler and the Lötschental region. 

Hans-Jakob Rieder
Mayor of Wiler