2014 Award: Schloss Leuk

The 2014 award went to the Stiftung Schloss Leuk. The Foundation accordingly paid tribute to the latter's wide range of activities while also underscoring the importance of culture, which alongside sport is one of the cornerstones of a peaceful society bound by solidarity. 

Sepp Blatter, Niklaus Furger, Corinne Blatter Andenmatten and Jean-Paul Brigger presented the award at an enjoyable ceremony held at Schloss Leuk in mid-October 2015. Sepp Blatter was a co-founder of Stiftung Schloss Leuk and was pleased to look back on its extremely positive development right up to the present day. The palace, previously at risk of decay, had since been transformed into a combination of the original construction with modern elements thanks to successful and respectful renovation. World-renowned architect Mario Botta was appointed for the project. 

The palace had often attracted attention with its exhibitions of international artists and exerted an appeal well beyond the canton's borders. The Spycher Literature Prize and projects in the fields of music, literature, fine arts and for children are just some examples.  Like sport, culture is also capable of wielding great impact. Stiftung Schloss Leuk earned the award by illustrating this through its work.

The contribution of CHF 25,000 will now enable the foundation to carry out important projects that had been postponed. For example, a further room will be created thanks to a wooden ceiling in the tower. The Children's Culture Day can also be held again. 

The 2014 award has been presented in recognition of the work of Stiftung Schloss Leuk, which would like to express its sincere thanks. 

Arnold Steiner, President of Stiftung Schloss Leuk.