Jens Blatter Donation Marathon

The vision of the Jens Blatter Donation Marathon is not to ride for victories, times and records but to use elite cycling sport to collect donations and provide aid for large numbers of children in the world. The “We race for children” vision has grown out of this.

Jens Blatter has been supporting children’s aid projects with his team numbering around 80 since 2004. The team has already cycled from the North Cape back to Valais, from Africa back to Valais and from Valais to Mount Etna and back as well as many other interesting routes. Prior to, during and after each tour, all participants collect donations in order to be able to help as many children as possible.

The main project is the Eduplex School in Pretoria. Miracles are a frequent occurrence at this unique school in the South African city of Pretoria, where aurally handicapped children learn alongside those with normal hearing. The school covers all age groups, from kindergarten and primary school through to college. Full use is made of the benefits of state-of-the-art technology in combination with a modern educational concept. The school was opened in 2002 by Nelson Mandela. Many of these children who are born deaf come from poor backgrounds and their parents are unable to afford either hearing aids or school fees, clothing and food. Thanks to the support of the Sepp Blatter Foundation, the children’s basic needs are secured and they can be provided with schooling and simultaneous audiological support. This is essential for offering this large group of children educational opportunities and a professional future without drifting into prostitution or youth crime.

The JB Donation Marathon is held every two years, and the next time will be in 2020.