Turtmann Junior Tournament (JuTuTu)

JuTuTu stands for Junioren Turnier Turtmann or Turtmann Junior Tournament.

Before the JuTuTu, FC Turtmann always used to organise a “fun tournament”. When interest in this event dwindled, the club management at the time had the idea of launching a junior tournament. The successful staging of the 36th such tournament this year shows that the initiators back then were right.

Each year at the start of June, over 400 keen junior players are invited to take part in the JuTuTu. For these young football players, the JuTuTu forms the climax of a long season.

Such a tournament also entails major financial costs. The revenue from refreshments and the small registration fee would not be enough to master this financial challenge. For this reason, the JuTuTu is dependent on the generous support of numerous sponsors. As well as our long-standing main sponsor Raiffeisen, we also especially wish to highlight the loyal support provided for many years by the Sepp Blatter Foundation, upon whose lavish contribution we have been able to count every year.

It is thanks to this generous benefactor that the JuTuTu remains a success story!