Members of the board of management


Niklaus Furger
Mayor of Visp


Sepp Blatter


Corinne Blatter Andenmatten

A member of the Blatter family must be represented on the Board of Management at all times.

Comments from the members of the board of management

Niklaus Furger:

« As the mayor of Visp, I also have the great honour of being the president of the Sepp Blatter Foundation. This foundation supports football and sports projects, particularly in the Valais, and also directly or indirectly helps those in need through solidarity initiatives. I am proud and happy to work alongside Sepp Blatter in this foundation, which has a meaningful, charitable and benevolent role in our region. I would like to thank Sepp Blatter for his initiative. »

Corinne Blatter Andenmatten:

« Football is and will always be a part of our family, and that is why it seems natural to me to use it for youth development in our society. My father’s foundation steps in whenever it can make a real difference and helps associations achieve their goals. Everyone can do something, because even the smallest efforts can lead to change. »

Sepp Blatter on the aims of the foundation: 

«On my travels around the world I often meet players from feuding groups who suddenly discover a common language during friendly matches. While playing together they get to know each other and, through sharing the experience, learn to respect each other. They learn how to win, but also how to lose with dignity. By bringing joy and positive experiences, football shows entire peoples the way to a better, more peaceful, equable future. My mission is far from being accomplished. Just as FIFA endeavours to fulfil its social responsibility as the governing body of the world's most popular sport, I wish to play my part with this foundation.»