Annual award 2006

Behindertensport Oberwallis wins 2006 prize

At the end of every year, the foundation bestows an award on one of several projects carefully selected during the course of the year. The award is presented in recognition of exceptional efforts on behalf of sport in the canton of Valais.

In 2006, the Sepp Blatter Football and Humanity Foundation Award, which carries a CHF 25,000 cash prize, will go to "Behindertensport Oberwallis" (BSOW) (sport for the disabled in the Upper Valais).

The award ceremony will take place on 3 February 2007. The BSOW's broad range of activities has enabled many disabled persons to take part in sport, not only leading to the discovery of new talent, but also cultivating a positive attitude to life that benefits those involved every single day.

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