2015 award

The Sepp Blatter Association is supporting Valais women's football with the 2015 award.

Amendment to the statutes

The statutes of the Sepp Blatter Foundation were amended at the end of 2016. The purpose and objectives of the Foundation have been adjusted in order to support even more people, institutions and clubs. This is in future also to be possible well beyond the borders of the benefactor's home canton.

Sepp Blatter Tournament takes a break

Obergoms, 1 August 2016 – The Sepp Blatter Tournament, which was held in Ulrichen each year over the past 18 years in honour of the former FIFA President, will be replaced by a new attractive event starting in 2017. A new concept is currently in the works by the organisers.

2014 Award

The Sepp Blatter Association is supporting a cultural institution for the first time. This year's award, comprising 25,000 Swiss francs, has been presented to the Stiftung Schloss Leuk. The purpose of Stiftung Schloss Leuk is to support and implement the professional restoration according to the original style as well as the maintenance and administration of the Bishop's Palace in Leuk and to promote cultural and social events.