Sepp Blatter Tournament takes a break

Obergoms, 1 August 2016 – The Sepp Blatter Tournament, which was held in Ulrichen each year over the past 18 years in honour of the former FIFA President, will be replaced by a new attractive event starting in 2017. A new concept is currently in the works by the organisers.

Sepp Blatter finds strength in his home of Valais, and is rooted in his home municipality of Obergoms. Since his election as FIFA President in 1998, the municipality has held a tournament in his honour. This year, the Sepp Blatter Tournament will not be held, representing a break for the first time in the event's 18-year history. Sepp Blatter: "I am no longer FIFA President, which is why the tournament also needs a break."

The organisers hope to host their honoured, long-standing guest in future and plan to let the event, which has become a sort of area tradition, live on with a new profile starting from next year. OK President Philipp Blatter: "The tournament has become a permanent fixture on the sport and social event calendar of Goms. Guests came not only from the region itself, but from all over Switzerland and even from neighbouring countries. Thanks to Sepp Blatter and the renowned football players who participated, media representatives came to Goms from all over the world."

Christian Imsand, President of the municipality of Obergoms, underscored the importance of the event: "The tournament had great economic significance for the entire region. Hotels and restaurants hosted a large number of guests. Regional suppliers and town organisations were integrated into the festival organisation. And the entire tourism region benefited from the international media coverage."

For these reasons, OK and Obergoms have promised to hold an attractive new event in 2017, the form of which, however, has yet to be decided. The organisers are currently discussing their options and will create a new concept.

One thing is certain: Sepp Blatter, citizen and honorary citizen of Obergoms will continue to be a leading figure of the event. He added: "For me, the Sepp Blatter Tournament was like milestone, chiselled into my career; it connected me to my roots and my home, and gave me strength. I am pleased that it will be given a new form and held in future, even after my time with FIFA. And I will be sure to attend!"

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