2016 award

It is a great pleasure for the Sepp Blatter Foundation to be able to present the 2016 Award, with prize money of CHF 25,000, to the Musikdorf Ernen Festival.

The beautiful and emotional celebration took place on 2 August 2017 in the historic Tellenhaus in Ernen in the presence of the Sepp Blatter Foundation board members, President of the Musikdorf Ernen Society Anton Clausen, Artistic Director Francesco Walter, President of Ernen Christine Clausen, as well as representatives of the municipality and the Musikdorf Ernen Festival and was accompanied by music from concert pianist Paul Giacometti.

The Sepp Blatter Foundation would like to reinforce the cultural importance of the festival in Switzerland and abroad with this award. It is not obvious that such high-quality classical music would be played in this beautiful, picturesque village of Ernen and has been since 1974!

Sepp Blatter pointed out the parallels between music and football. Both bring people together and are full of emotion. He was especially thrilled that the 2016 Award went to Goms, the area he comes from.

After presenting the award, we enjoyed the first orchestra concert in the church. It was a feast for the ears for us all.


You can find more information about the Musikdorf Ernen Festival at: www.musikdorf.ch