Special award for Football Valaisan Féminin

The Sepp Blatter Foundation presented the special award worth CHF 25,000 at the Valais Women’s Cup Final on 9 May 2018 in Lens, thereby paying tribute to the work carried out to date while also calling on the Valais federation to promote and strengthen the current presence of women’s football in Valais even more.


Sepp Blatter has always been a major supporter of women’s football and hopes that the award will further advance the cause of the federation. “I am aware that there is still room for improvement in the development of women’s football in Valais. I therefore hope that the federation now develops a concept to promote women’s football even more.”


The Final was held in a perfect environment with a large contingent of spectators. The women from FC Sion beat FC Savièse 5:0. When presenting the award, Sepp Blatter also addressed a few words to the two teams and particularly underlined the fairness and sportsmanship of the losing team.