The idea is a simple one: together, we can create a better future, starting with ourselves.

As president of FIFA I wanted to launch a foundation that supports projects not only in the world of football, but also in sport in general, and in so doing continue my efforts on a private level, too. I'm starting in the Upper Valais. I was born here, I'm at home here.

Promoting fairness as a synonym for ethical values is very close to my heart. I therefore appeal to everyone to use football, which is a great development tool, to work for a better future. 

Football teaches not only technique, tactics and strength of character, but also team spirit. In an era when clear values and structures are increasingly lacking, football is thus a true school of life, especially for young people.

The game's ethical values extend far beyond sport in that they affect the whole of society. And so football is not simply a sport, it is an important engine of personal and social development. Football can help us shape a better future, a future based on values such as discipline, respect and solidarity.

This is why I support projects that are working in this direction.